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What order you do, you can always win time by using iSales .

Whether you want to use iSales for your shop or want to use it extensively for your whole company , there is always a plan that suits your business. The prices of all subscriptions are per employee , per order day* .

Euro Gijbels - Wholesale fruits and vegetables - Geel


Gunther Aerts - COO

"Customers should be able to order easily and quickly. Suppliers must be able to easily and quickly process their orders. ISales has developed a mobile shopping platform that easily processes hundreds of orders daily. One quick way is relevant and correct information set by the user to turn it on an equally powerful , fast and accurate way to process back into the ERP system. "


Director of


Bierhalle Melle - Beverages central

Eline Van Bogaert

"We were able to photograph 2700 products in 2 Days With iStudio of EGRS . "


Our range consists of more than 10 000 items . We have through the various vendors can apply the images for most of the articles . For the remaining items , we can shoot in no time these articles with the iStudio . The pictures are immediately ready for the online shop through intelligent software.


Our shop will be online soon, feel free to look at